Taunus Teaser

Taunus Teaser is a mixed surface route taking you on a journey into the heart of a remote region in Germany. It’s based on the one-thousand kilometer event course of Taunus Bikepacking but with only a third of its length. The route starts and finishes at The Eppstein Project, easy to reach by a short train ride from Frankfurt am Main. It’s perfect for a weekend escape, to train or test your equipment for Taunus Bikepacking or to simply enjoy a nice ride.

Taunus Teaser

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Published: 5. December 2019

Don’t be mistaken though, this ride is not any easier than the original, just shorter. The hills are relentless. Taunus is a low mountain range, so most of the climbs are relatively short, but don’t underestimate the steepness and sheer amount of them.

Two thousand years ago, the northern frontier of the Roman Empire ran right through this region. The Romans sought to protect their vast land with a border system called the Limes Germanicus. You’ll find abundant remains of ancient watch towers as well as military forts along your way. The Roman legacy in Germany is nowhere as evident as it is here. When the Empire collapsed, the so-called Barbarians from the North took over the lands. It didn’t mean there would be peace here, Taunus saw a multitude of wars and power struggles over the following centuries. Mighty castles and city walls are testaments of that time. Nowadays the only border that cuts through these hills is thankfully an invisible one with very little significance, separating the federal states of Hessen and Rheinland-Pfalz.

The stunning track takes you through surprisingly remote areas where you can still have an authentic adventure in the middle of Germany. It doesn’t shy away from the steepest of hills, combining cultural highlights like medieval old towns and imposing castles with impressive views and amazing riding through endless forest and field landscapes. Paved lanes, gravel roads, cobblestone alleys and dirt trails await you.

  • Start and Finish at The Eppstein Project.
  • 326 km with about 6,000 meters of elevation
  • Highest point of the route is the summit of Gro├čer Feldberg at 879 meters above sea level
  • Recommended tire width 35 mm minimum
  • Please share your experience using the hashtag #taunusteaser

Video diary from Michael riding the track in late summer 2022:


Video from Anja riding the TWAR x komoot Women’s Weekender 2022 on the Taunus Teaser track:

Video diary on the track from Sven Biketourer in 2020: