We got you covered

Whether it’s to protect from rain or scorching heat this time or simply as a souvenir, there’s an exclusive cycling cap in it for everyone starting. Designed by 2018 finisher Stephan van Raay of ViaVelo magazine and realized with the support of Follow My Challenge – you can’t buy these anywhere!

In a nod to the original inspiration, the caps will be customised with each riders start numbers for the second edition of Taunus Bikepacking. There’s only ten left..

A look back on Taunus Bikepacking

There are at least 25 different stories about this ride. I wish I could tell them all, but I can only give you the organizer’s view.

In itself, a bicycle is a wonderfully versatile tool that can bring you just about anywhere. For some people though, it means much more than that.

Bicycles bring people together.

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Auf die Plätze, fertig…

Willkommen zu einem Experiment: Taunus Bikepacking – ein Selbstversorgerabenteuer.


Seit Oktober habe ich versucht, Lieblingsplätze im Taunus und die Wege dazwischen zu einer möglichst attraktiven und abwechslungsreichen Strecke zu verbinden. Allein auf der Suche kamen 3.800 km und mehr als 60.000 Höhenmeter zusammen, jeden Meter der Strecke bin ich also gefahren, sehr viele mehrmals. Continue reading “Auf die Plätze, fertig…”