Meet the riders: Verena Zimmer

The start list for No. 4 is filling up quickly and the first rider profiles are coming in.

“I grew up in the small town of Ladenburg about an hour south of the Taunus, but I am now lucky to call the Brecon Beacons in beautiful Wales my home, with superb riding right from my doorstep.

This year I am returning to the Taunus, after taking part in No.2, and riding on the Taunus Teaser in 2020.

I enjoy the bivvying side of bikepacking at least as much as the cycling part, I am definitely tortoise rather than hare, and I love enjoying the views and the local food as I ride. You could say that for me, bikepacking is all about the three B’s: bikes, bivvies, and bakeries.

This song expresses really well how I feel about bikepacking – “Running to the Hills” by Dan Owen

Breaking out of these four walls, where do I begin
I’m breaking out of trying to make it in
I just want the wind and rain, time to waste with you
Let’s get out of here, get the sun clear blue

Baby keep on running, running to the hills
Let’s find our self some quiet, let’s find ourselves some still
Baby keep on running, running to the hills
I don’t wanna think no more, I just want to feel
Baby keep on running, running to the hills

Taunus Teaser: Impressions by Sven Brommann

“Gestartet bin ich letzte Woche Freitag ca. 19:00 in Hofheim. Geplant waren ca. 60-80km zu radeln und mir dann einen ersten Übernachtungsplatz zu suchen. Der Abend-Imbiss ist leider ausgefallen, dafür konnte ich an einer Gaststätte noch eine Flasche Feierabendbier mitnehmen. Übernachtet habe ich kurz hinter Bad Schwalbach nach 60km in einer kleinen Hütte. Am nächsten Morgen hat’s erstmal 35-40km gedauert, bis ich an einer Tankstelle mein Frühstück bekommen habe (500m später kam dann auch ein Rewe). Schnell war dann irgendwann am frühen Nachmittag auch die Lahn erreicht. Diesen Teil fand ich recht abwechslungsreich, hat einen der Track 2-3x die Hügel zu einer Burg hochgeführt, um dann 500 Höhenmeter weiter wieder auf die Lahn zu treffen. Übernachtet habe ich kurz vor Rod an der Weil, diesmal ohne Dach überm Kopf. Entweder bin ich im Dunkeln an den Schutzhütten vorbeigeradelt, oder es gab einfach keine. Leider hat mich um 2:30 der einsetzende Regen zum Aufbruch gezwungen, diesen habe ich dann 3km weiter in Rod an der Weil in einer Bushaltestelle abgewartet. Um 6:00 ging es dann weiter die Hügel hoch (und es kamen wieder Schutzhütten…). Zurück nach Hofheim waren es dann noch ca. 70km und um kurz nach 14:00 Uhr war ich wieder am Auto. Auf diesem letzten Abschnitt von Weilburg bis Hofheim zeigt der Taunus Teaser mit ordentlich Höhenmetern und teilweise Steigungen um die 20% nochmal Zähne, gefühlt der schwerste Abschnitt. Insgesamt eine gelungene Runde durch den Taunus – für’s Wochenende zum Training/Auspowern oder auch für Bikepacking Einsteiger als 3-4 Tages Tour. “

Last orders!

The registration window for Taunus Bikepacking No. 3 closes on August 2nd.

Taunus Teaser: Impressions by Holger Loosen

Holger spent a weekend on the track end of May and sent in some photos documenting his experience. Taunus Teaser is a shorter, independent version of the Taunus Bikepacking track, available for everybody to download and ride anytime. Share your own experience on the route with #taunusteaser or send in your photos by mail!

Meet the riders: Ina de Visser

Hi all,

In this strange year when more exotic travels are out of bounds, I am very excited to return to the beautiful Taunus for a bikepacking adventure! Having lived in Frankfurt for a while some years back, I have ridden a lot in the Taunus. Mostly road though, so I’m excited to discover some of the dirt roads and other tracks!

I’ll bring Juliana, my favorite and most versatile bike (a Juliana Quincy) as well as some bikepacking experience. Previous bikepacking & touring includes Tuscany Trail, Race around Rwanda, crossing Turkey, Scotland and a fair share of Africa (Khartoum – Cape Town) by bike, as well as recent confinement-proof weekend trips from my current home Luxembourg.

Looking forward to meeting you all in Hofheim! 

Meet the riders: Tim Zeelen

I have been enjoying to ride my bicycle since my childhood. It always was my choice of transport to discover new places and meet new people. In search for those new places I expanded my horizon to countries all over the world like: Iceland, Canada, Mongolia, Australia and Kyrgyzstan just to name a few. While cycling through those countries I discovered the pleasure of offroad riding.

Some day a friend told me about bikepacking events which immediately made me enthusiastic. It is the concept of such an event that I like: lots of offroad, self supported, long days, long distances. Just my kind of ride… A few days later I registered for the 2018 Bikepacking Trans Germany. In 2019 I was a participant in the first edition of the Eifel Graveller. This year I chose the Taunus Bikepacking from the growing list of events.

For the Taunus Bikepacking I will bring my Kona Sutra LTD. Normally I tend to build my bikes myself, but this off the shelve model ticked almost all the boxes. The only changes I made were saddle, tyres and drop-bars. To carry all my stuff I use Revelate Designs bags.

I really look forward to meet you and the rest of the riders in Hofheim.

Meet the riders: Jan Herrmann

Back from my biketouring trip from Germany to Kyrgyzstan last year, I’m always looking for new ways to experience adventure on two wheels. I used to do cross country races, but that was a while ago. Now I want to know again how far I can go to my limits.
I live in Berlin and since it is known to be very flat here, you don’t have a lot of meters of altitude at the end of a ride. So I  roam the vast landscapes of Brandenburg on long journeys and try to collect as many kilometers as possible.
I’m riding an 8Bar Mitte with 42mm wide tires and 1x drivetrain with a gear ratio of 42mm at the front and 11/42mm at the rear. In addition, a SON hub dynamo is spoked.
I am light and that’s how my set up should be. I sewed some of my bags myself.
I can’t wait to get started and I’m really looking forward to get to know all the other interesting riders, organisators and all people around the event.