Teased by Taunus

Since many people asked for a shortened version of our route, we decided to release Taunus Teaser, so everybody can get a taste of what riding Taunus Bikepacking is like in their own style and time frame. Over 500 people have downloaded the track so far. Bernd, who started early on a Friday morning in May to take on the route solo and self-supported, even took the time to document his personal journey. He knew what to expect, Bernd was inspired by the very first edition in 2018 and went on to finish Taunus Bikepacking No. 2 himself last summer. Not only did he manage to finish the challenging 333 kilometers in a total time of 40h 43m, he also shared his trip with images and words on Instagram, hopefully inspiring others to do the same.

Just use the tag #taunusteaser to share your own adventures on the track.