Ready, set…

Welcome to an experiment: Taunus Bikepacking – a self supported adventure.


Since last October I attempted to connect favourite places in Taunus and the paths in between to make a route that is challenging and fun to ride. Overall I’ve ridden 3,800 km and climbed more than 60,000 meters searching for these paths. I’m happy with the result – 655 km and about 14,000 vertical meters – yet a feeling remains that there is more in store here still. Nobody ever rode the whole thing all at once, so I can’t wait for the first time starting this Sunday.

Our tracking page is online here:

Unfortunately the whole region, like most of Germany, is currently suffering from a long drought and there’s a severe fire hazard warning in place. Riders will have to do without camp fires and even expect path closures. Of course the self supported spirit of the ride dictates responsible behavior and respect towards such situations.

According to the forecast riders will face high temperatures ranging in the 30s throughout.

Bike choice is a very individual thing, with riders considerations mainly regarding tire width, gear ratio and handlebar shape. Rider #05 Bernd shared his bike for the ride today, which prompted other riders to post more photos:

#16 Daniel – Marin Lombard Elite
#11 Koen – Santos 4.29
#29 Holger – Focus Raven
#13 Tim – Salsa Fargo
#17 Franziska – Salsa Fargo
#24 Ken – Mason Bokeh

The dots on the map will start moving Sunday 10 am.


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